Hair Cut and Cousins

Yes, yes, and yes. I can spell correctly, here: Sorry For The Slight Inconvenience 2 Days Ago. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THAT WAS INCONVENIENT! So, yesterday I got a buzz-cut. It looks so cool, but i still think it makes me look like a bully.


-Yesterday, I stayed at home until like 12:00buzz cut for D

-Then I got ma’ Buzzkit’

-Then we walked to the Panera Bread, and shopped at Gamestop

-On the way home we picked up Nancy Bercaw 2

-Drove home, waited

-Finally Reva got home and her and me walked to the park

-When we got back home, Scott was there

-So we drove to Panera Bread and bought dinner

-Then we drove home and watched a movie

Thats all for today!

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