Taco Bell in Sri Lanka

From Sri Lanka’s international airport to the Havelock Place Bungalows in Colombo, our cab driver pointed out what felt like every single landmark — the President’s home, Hercules’ Tailor shop, the Dutch hospital, the Portuguese fort, the Bristish architecture, the Hindu temples of the Tamil people, the Buddhist stupa of the Sinhalese people — on…

The Magic Carpet Ride

What we came to see: rugs, sea, food, art and architecture.  What we left with: rugs (and a rug-seller friend named Gonzales), bloated bellies, and these glorious photos of  Istanbul (not Constantinople).

Alive in the World

Three years ago, I was pretty sure my days were numbered. I drank too much. I worried too much. My thyroid was broken (although I didn’t know it at the time). I was living (though hardly alive) in Abu Dhabi with my family. I had no idea how to fix myself. Until I did. I quit drinking….