Sitting, Seeing and the Senate

The other day I saw Senator Patrick Leahy’s Office. Not a lot of kids get to do that. Then yesterday I was on a plane to Florida. Now I am in Florida. And say goodbye to the blog, it’s my last day of typing. So yesterday was O.K. ish. Anyways I will tell you what I did:

-Yesterday, I saw Nancy Bercaw Number 2’s Exhibit at the American History Museum

-Then we walked/drove to get to Leahy’s Office

-When we got there, Mommy and Me had to wait for the other people

-While we waited I signed the computer guest book thingy


-Then they finally arrived

-The aide named Kara came to us

-We walked to the office that way —->

-The other people talked and talked and talked

-The aid finally said to ME, do you have anything to say?

-I said yes, then I walked over to her and gave her my Mommy’s book, and said: This is a book my mommy wrote about my grandpa.

-SO MUCH WAITING I AM GONNA vnqrbsecdsmvcdbnsmssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

-So I sat there for a while

-Then we left, no more excitement for the rest of the day.

I think that should be all I say for today, so BYE!

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