sary fur thu incunveenyuns uv yesturday

Image                                                  Image                             Today I woke up remembering badly, that I did not type up a blog post for you yesterday!

Then I thought for a long time, i’m not sure how long I thought.

ImageThen I asked Mom for this here’ computer… SHE SAID I COULD USE IT! So I went on to Minecraftia, and Metaserve (thats where I play with friends, look Minecraft up on wikipedia) was offline, so no fun today, then I decided to get another server to play Minecraft with people on… I’ll skip forwards a bit, because I would have had to explain sooooo…… much stuff about stuff. Anyways, its time for a run-through of my day! Here it is: 

-We WALKED! to Talkoma and had lunch at a bistro, I had a chicken quesadilla, mom had chicken tacos, I think!

-We walked to the Metro and mom had some trouble with the machine.

-The Metro train was scary, it was leaning to the side at one point, and you never knew when the door would close.

-We got off in Metro Center and walked around and saw my friend Willam from my old school: Brewster Pierce.

-Then we saw the monuments and the memorials.

-Mommy and I caught a taxi cab and rode it to the Alzheimer’s Association forum.

-We stayed until the Vermont rep spoke, then we left.

-Now I am here, blogging, BYE!

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  1. Allan says:

    I greatly appreciate your blogs and your apology…apparently it was for a good reason.
    I would hope that your “crazy-go-nuts” spelling of the title was on purpose…it was clever and caught my eye…I am certain that you know how to spell “sorry” and “inconvenience” and if you do not…well?

  2. nancybercaw says:

    I can spell, I just really felt like typing incorrectly.

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