My securedownload-4today:

-Hotel Breakfast, I had waffles

-Hopped in da’ horrible car of badness

-We drove off to New Dominion Books for Mommy’s book reading

-Then we ate lunch at some italian resturant

-Then we hopped in the car again (I hate sitting down)


-After a while we ended up in Palm Ira (Palmyra) and looked at great grandfather Woodson’s grave and great grandmother Nancy’s grave, too

-And saw the Bercaw farm of awesomeness

-Then we bought some ice cream and soda at EWs

-Then we drove back to Charlottesville

-We found this hotel im in right now


-We had dinner at McGrady’s Pub

-Now im here, BLOGGING!!!

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  1. Allan says:

    You are blogging well my son!
    Sounds like a great and full day.
    I love you and miss you both!
    Keep your eyes open you will see great things and keep your ears open you will also hear great things…looks like you are doing all that!

  2. Diana Rixey says:

    So David and Nancy, if you’re still in Virginia, also go to Fairview Cemetery in Culpeper to see Lian and Hori-san and all the antique Rixeys!

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