Happy VA Day!

Today I slept in until 8:00 am (or ssecuredownloado). Then we hopped in the car and sat there forever… (i’m starting to totally really hate sitting down).

Anyways, when we ended up there we went to New Dominion Books to drop off some of mommy’s books and I bought a book called THE SECRET OF THE FORTUNE WOOKIEE, then we went to THE NOOK, also we went to go meet a neurologist at a UVA hospital. Grandpa Beau went to UVA, his dorm was on thesecuredownload-1 lawn thing. Thats where all the smart peoples dorms are. Also, Edgar Allan Poe lived on those dorms when he was a college student.

Then we drove off to find da’ hotel… for din din we bought some stuff at Kroger for mommy’s dinner. I, however, ate CANE’S, Chicken, Fries, Cane Sauce, and Apple Juice. Now i am blogging… SEE YA’ TOMARRA’.

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  1. Allan says:

    That’s mah boy!

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