More than half way there!

Two hundred more dollars and The Diaper Project will have $1,000 to send to Dr. Lopera,  the Colombian neurologist who discovered the Alzheimer’s disease mutation in his area. He’s worked for 25 years to gain the trust and support of the affected families in Antioquia.

“The families know that if they get involved in disease research here, they are contributing globally. They not only do it in order to find a solution for their problem, but also to help other people,” Dr Lopera has told many media outlets.

This from Newschannel Four in London:

See Dr. Lopera in action here

While research continues into new drugs, Dr Lopera and his colleagues are about to embark on the first clinical trial aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s. In collaboration with two other US institutions and an as-yet undisclosed drug company, they plan to give an existing Alzheimer’s drug to 300 family members. Though the drug failed in trials to slow, or reverse existing Alzheimer’s the hope is it might work to prevent, or delay the disease developing in the individuals with the mutation.

“It is probable that five years is too early for us to expect a cure for the disease, but it is possible that in five years there might be interesting treatments that will delay the disease. And, in the medium term, it may be possible to find a cure, I don’t know how long it will take, but that is the hope we have,” Dr Lopera concludes.

In all probability the cure is a long way off. But the contribution these families have already made could lead to major advances in understanding Alzheimer’s. Anything that delays the progression of the disease, will improve the lives of future generations here. And any development would also benefit the one in ten of us that have a chance of developing Alzheimer’s in our lifetime.

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