Hat Racks & Adult Diapers

Dear Donors,

You did it. Even without taking into account the cash donations, (coming via U.S. Mail), you raised $1040 for the Diaper Project.

Right now I estimate another $400 coming the old-fashioned way, giving us a total of $1500 to send to Dr. Lopera in Colombia. He will turn the funds into adult diapers, and help make life — and death — far more comfortable for an extraordinary extended family ravaged by a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease.

I now consider these people part of my family. Our family. If you gave money, or if you love someone with Alzheimer’s, then we are all related by charity and blood.

My father would be so proud. Of me. Of you. Of them.

“Good job, Gal,” he’d say, if he weren’t locked into the Bercaw form of Alzheimer’s disease. “You used your head for something other than a hat rack.”

Indeed, we did.

And I love you, ole dad. This was all for you.


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  1. Nora says:

    Congratulations Nancy, job well done.

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