Potty Talk

Dear Kimberly-Clark Coupons,

You have a great sense of humor.

I was so annoyed by you yesterday that I threw you down on my bed and walked away. Then I started fundraising to buy diapers for the Colombian families stricken so young and so hard by Alzheimer’s disease. Somewhere between blogging and begging for money, I forgot about you, cloying coupons on my duvet.

This morning, I decided to take a tub. I was thinking about the families in Colombia, again, and how many baths their caregivers must provide. A simple thing like a diaper could help so much in terms of keeping them clean and healthy, as well as giving tired caregivers more time to do other things—-like enjoy life before they, too, might succumb to the disease that pervades their kin.

And then I saw you, little rascally renegade coupon. There you were sitting on the back of the toilet. I asked Allan if he put you there. He said no. I asked David. He said no. I figure you must have rode in on my bathrobe. Then nestled yourself down to make a point.

Okay, coupons. I will use you, too. When I go buy the adult diapers, with the funds raised, I will include you in the purchase. We’ll save $14 because of you. Thanks for rising to the occasion, quite literally, after I tried to dismiss you as lame. You reminded me that every little bit helps, and not to let my sense of humor go down the toilet.



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  1. Allan Nicholls says:

    Coupons- Schmoopons they could step up to the plate a lot more! Don’t they own half of the free world?

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