The Diaper Project Begins NOW

Dear Us,

Imagine half of your family members have Alzheimer’s disease–including half of your children, still in their late 30s.


Then imagine that you have to take care of them because there is no assisted living facility where you reside. You spend half of your day changing sheets and washing them by hand. The other half of your day is devoted to washing your loved ones clean.

One simple thing could make the unimaginable more manageable.

Adult diapers.

But you don’t have access to them, nor the money to purchase to them. So you do the best you can to keep your loved ones and home clean of feces—-and free from e.coli and cholera. You try hard to rid the stench of urine from your floors, carpets and mattresses.

The greatest minds in medicine are working hard with your extraordinary extended family to understand—-and maybe one day prevent or cure—Alzheimer’s disease for all of us. Until that day, I think we owe you something today.

Those diapers.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

1) The Diaper Project is now writing/calling manufactures of adult diapers and asking for a large quarterly donation delivered to Dr. Lopera’s team at the University of Antioquia.

2) Next time each one of us—-who loves someone with Alzheimer’s disease—-is at the grocery store, we’re going to pick up a package of adult diapers and ship them to Dr. Lopera at our own expense, along with a handwritten note of support.

3) The Diaper Project Fund will also begin collecting monies to ship a big batch of diapers to Colombia ourselves.

Imagine  that we could change the daily lives of the people who may change the course of this disease. We’re going to do it. Starting now.


Beau’s daughter

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