Beaux Arts

Dear MOMA,

I wanna tell you about my DADA. (Although he doesn’t paint in the genre by the same name.)

Beau is painting up a storm in Juniper and it’s bringing memories to the fore (brain).

He names them, which gives us a deeper glimpse into the picture as well as his mind.

This one is called, “Camping in the Fall.”  Beau loved to camp, especially by water. We must have gone a dozen or more times in my youth, along with my brother Lee.

As a boy himself, Beau loved to take his canoe down the Rivanna River, which ran through the family farm in Virginia. He’d go out for days, Huck Finn style, just taking in the sights and sounds.

It seems that when Beau paints, nature and water are right there with him again. In addition to this one, he has “Virginia Sunflower,” and “Storm Mountain.”

My dad used to say that neurology and brain imaging were as much an art as a science. It’s generally agreed that people rarely excel at both. But that’s Beau—the exception to every rule. Then and now. Never mediocre in any medium.


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  1. Allan Nicholls says:

    I think that his art is amazing and I hope he does many more!

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