Surprised by Joy

Dear Hayley,

Suddenly, amidst the despair, a ray of joy peeks in. And out of the blue, Beau remembers something. Nora was visiting him at Juniper the other day and showing him pictures on her iPhone. He paused on one of me, in New Orleans, with my new red hair. Then said to Nora, “Nancy looks angry.”

Hayley, he was right! I was angry then, and I didn’t even know it myself! Alzheimer’s will never break our connection. I realize that now.

Later he stopped on a picture of David. Nora asked him who it was. Beau said, “it’s my grandson.” Nora said, “What’s his name?” And my father knew it was David Beauregard.

What a gift the present is. Let’s live in it every day.



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