The Boy in the Boat

Central Virginia gave us a beautiful day to lay Beau to rest in the Bercaw family  section of Lyles Baptist Church in Palmyra. Here are some of the best photos with stories told in the captions.

As we walked down to the cemetary, we saw two familiar faces in the distance.: Reverend Tom LeVines. and his wife Shirley. They are old friends of my grandmother’s and they actually lived in a little house on the Bercaw farm for decades. they found out through the church that Beau was being buried today and were waiting for us. Rev. Tom said a beautiful prayer for my dad.

Beau’s marker. And a beautful peace lily sent by dear sweet Allan Nicholls.
Lunch at one of Beau’s favorite places, located in nearby Fork Union. The Levines joined us! David decided to do an interpretive dance on the way in. David also did a reading at the cemetery with his Uncle Lee and cousin Chris.
My second order of catfish in two days. Sides of fried okra and squash .
Stopped by the LeVines’ geodesic dome house which features a big drawing of Inspector Clouseau on the outside. Oh Fluvanna!

You can see the tiny canoe out in front of us in the river. A handful of Beau’s ashes are inside — in memory of the boy in the boat who rowed this river throughout most of his life.

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