Brain in a Jar for the Indian Subcontinent


Here it is! brain_in_jar_2

The preliminary layout (ignore typo and low res as this is was just for my approval of the design concept) of BIAJ–the paperback version for the Indian Subcontinent published by Fingerprint Press of New Delhi.

What is going on?

Let me answer some questions for you.

Why is there a version for India?

There are publishers on every continent and they publish solely for readers there. My beloved Broadstone retains North American rights. You will not be able to buy the Indian version in North America. But, heck, I couldn’t resist showing you the cover of what our friends across the sea will see. My father LOVED India, and I’m absolutely delighted that the people there will get to learn about him.

What countries are part of the subcontinent?

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Is the story the same?

Yes, but edited for the audience. There are some very Southern (US) references in the book that would mean little to the people in South Asia. Those were edited by the very talented Aanchal Arora. I agreed with every suggestion she made.

Did I approve this design?

You betcha!

Will I go to India to help sell it?

You better believe it.




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  1. Diana Rixey says:

    Kudos, Nancy! (And I like the “Daughter Journey” typo…has a kinda Asian sensibility I think.)

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