Nothing Fishy Here



My blogs have been become fish bowls. Confining me. For years and years, I’ve been writing about Alzheimer’s or David or Singapore–all in separate locations. Great subjects, yes, but now I want to write about everything in one place. So, from now on, here’s what you’ll find here:

What it means to walk on land when you were born to swim. Think of a bull in a china shop. 

What it feels like to have been born in the Philippines, raised in Florida, now living in Vermont. It feels like irony and ecstasy in equal measure.

Why I wanted to see the Panama Canal. It’s a sprinter’s dream: the world’s greatest shortcut. Hello, duh?

Who I know that got away with murder. True story and I’m rewriting it again, and I need to talk about it. Even though it took place 25 years ago. 

How to live with Alzheimer’s disease like an A on your forehead. Live like there’s no tomorrow. 

And why I keep moving. Because mermaids, like sharks, drown if they stop.

I will go out on a limb with my tall tail fin. You in?



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