Proof, as if we needed it


proofs 1

See this picture of a bearded man with a black coat and winter cap? He is Jonathan Greene, the designer of Brain in a Jar. He’s also a published poet and all-around talented man.

And this is a picture of him upon opening the proofs of BIAJ from the printer. See Jonathan smile? He’s pleased, which means I’m pleased. If he was scowling, I would too.

Floating mysteriously to the right of Jonathan’s head is a picture of some of the book’s pages. Good thing I’m not the book’s artist because my attempt to inset this image looks stupid. Anyway, you get the idea. There’s the cover in Jonathan’s hands and then there’s the gravity-defying innards of the book perfectly aligned with his nose. When the book makes its way to your hands, the text will fall nicely between the folds.

Yesterday, we had a minor mishap. Instead of the proofs for BIAJ, Jonathan and Larry received the proofs for a bilingual poetry book called Landscape with Yellow Birds. We all agreed it was a nice book, but it’s not ours! The printer sent the right proofs today. So once Jonathan and Larry review and approve the manuscript, the printer can begin to do what printers do.




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  1. sheilamariegrimes says:

    Enjoying your entries. I’m an Alzheimer’s caregiver and I write poems about my Mom….I enjoy your perspective!

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