My Hockenberry Friend


I recently had the joy and privilege of speaking with one of the great journalists of our time, Mr. John Hockenberry. (He’s garnered four Emmy Awards, three Peabody Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award, and a Casey Medal.)

Someone on his staff had read my recent New York Times piece about Alzheimer’s running in my family, and thought I might make an interesting addition to a show. Turns out John was planning an hour-long, per-recorded piece about Time Travel. hockenberry

How did I fit into that topic? Who cares? It’s Hockenberry. I’ll figure it out.

So two weeks ago I went to Vermont Public Radio where a technician hooked me up with the New York producer of John’s show, “The Takeaway.” Within a few minutes, I was speaking with the man himself (and sweating bullets.)

All I can say is that Hockenberry didn’t become one of the best for no reason. He asked questions that challenged me to the core. I wasn’t entirely sure of what came out of my mouth. My brain tried to keep up with his warp-speed stream of consciousness.

I left thinking that my contributions to the Time Travel episode would wind up on the cutting room floor. Well, at least I did my best.

Then yesterday I got this email from a contact at The Takeaway:

John loved the segment and it will definitely air. The program will be broadcast on this Friday, 9 – 10 AM in NY and then to our partner stations around the country later that day. The audio will be available on the website sometime that afternoon. Let me know if you have any more questions, and thank you so much for participating!
I still have no idea how I fit into a program that features renowned astrophysicists and esteemed philosophers.

Tune in with me to find out.


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  1. Anita Lauricella says:

    It was a very lovely segment. It stopped me mid spreadsheet and had me thinking of my mom. She died last winter, but in truth she left us years ago when her Alzheimers got bad. There was a brief period when the fear of what was happening was gone and she was totally in the moment. Thank you for bringing that time back to the front of my memories.

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