Phase 2,346 Completed


As of 3:43 today, Broadstone and Bercaw’s first edits are done on Brain. (This counts as Phase 2,346 of getting this book published.)  Now our beloved book is in the hands of the designer–who already has typeset a number of pages. (Phase 2,348.) A sample is here fpageor your preview and perusal. Once that detailed task is completed, Broadstone and Bercaw will again carefully review the manuscript for errors and inconsistencies. (Phase 2,350.) By April, the book will be in the hands of readers. (Phase 2,375.)

What, you may feel compelled to ask, were the first 2,345 phases in getting this book published?

I won’t go into every phase, but here’s a sampling of what went into making this story possible:

Phase 1: Beginning of Time.

Phase 1,529: 1896–Grandfather Woodson Woods Bercaw was born.

Phase 1,780: 1906–Dr. Alois Alzheimer first describes “a peculiar disease.”

Phase 1,951: 1938–Beauregard Lee Bercaw was born.

Phase 2,100: 2010–Nancy begins writing an untitled work in Singapore.

Phase, 2,101: 2010–Nancy finds literary agents Priya and Jay.

I think you get the picture. It has taken many lifetimes (and a number of deaths) to bring Brain in a Jar to bear. But we are in the final stretch  phases now.

By the way, writing this blog post was phase 2,347. And, as of today, there’s been 17,048 hits on this blog.



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