Everything I Ever Dreamed Of


Last night I dreamed that Beau was alive and mostly well. He had driven from Florida to Virginia to see me for some kind of occasion that was unclear.  In the dream, I thought, “Wow, how did he drive? He has Alzheimer’s.”

We talked a lot in my dream. And Beau seemed fine except for some dizziness. He even wanted to go with me to Kenya, which was my next destination. He asked me to buy him a ticket as we drove to the airport in our old van.

At one point, I said, “Dad, how do you feel about going back into Memory Care when you get back to Florida?”

“Gal, I’m used to it now. I can get out and about from time to time. The director and I have an understanding about that.”

That statement was so Beau.

I woke up and went about my business today. Every once in a while, the dream would pop into my head.

Around 3 p.m today, a surprising email popped into my inbox. It was the very first typeset chapter of BRAIN IN A JAR.

Suddenly, my  father was  alive again. Speaking to me. With me. Taking a break from Memory Care to walk down memory lane with me.

And then I remembered something important–something he knew. I used to dream of writing a book like the ones my father read to me. A fairy tale with a tragic ending.

That dream is coming to life.



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  1. Allan says:

    It is a big day here in the Bercaw/Nicholls household!
    Some lost a couple…some gained a couple…all in all we are good!
    I have to think that Beau is looking upon us and thinking that they could not
    have chosen a better day to see the printed word in its actual format!
    That new dog of theirs certainly is “one fine dog”.

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