Zen & the Art of Brain Maintenance


Forgive me for not blogging lately. I’ve been doing nothing with the book or myself. I’ve just been gazing into space and staring at my navel. The other day I watched my neighbor clear the ice off her driveway. Seeing the world through a window pane is the real reality TV, I thought as she painstakingly pushed her shovel to and fro.

images-1I have become the embodiment of peace and quiet. Zen Nana. If only I had a koi pond to gaze upon, I would surely reach Nirvana. Ohm.


I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the time to eat or mediate. Zen Nada.

Publisher Larry and I are halfway through the edits on Brain in a Jar. Larry spends much of his days combing through the text for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, etc. I spend part of my evenings agreeing or disagreeing with him. Truthfully, I agree with him 99.74 percent of the time. The man is good. Damn good. And he’s making me better.


When I’m not editing–or at my full-time job–I’m organizing the book tour. I’ve been reaching out to independent book stores along the East Coast in the hopes of scheduling book readings/signings at the end of April. I’m a one-woman publicity machine. It’s coming along, albeit slowly. I’ve found that few folks check their email 9,345 times a day like I do.

The confirmed news is that the  launch party will take place in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday, April 6, 6:30 p.m., at Phoenix Books. I’m working with a caterer to provide appetizers and aperitifs–or perhaps desserts and digestifs. How does one decide? Thank goodness the Emily Post Institute is also in Burlington. I’ll be calling them between 3 and 4 a.m., my only spare time. Ironically, it’s rude to call in the wee hours.

Meanwhile, cousin Sam Rixey is hard at work on a website for me–even though he has a young son and lots of obligations, too. Somehow, despite his own constraints, Sam’s doing a bang-up job. I can’t share the fruits of his labor just yet. I hope you won’t get scurvy from anticipation.

What else? Hmm. Oh, nothing much. Just sitting around eating bon-bons.


Today I received word that my application was accepted to do a reading of Brain in a Jar at “The Examined Life: Unknown Writing, Humanities and the Art of Medicine conference” at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, April 11-13. The event focuses on the links between the science of medicine and the art of writing. Perfect mix and timing.

Is there more?


The New York Times anticipates running my second story about Beau/Nancy sometime between the end of January and early February.



Oh sorry, I fell asleep. What were you saying? Well, if you’re thinking you need more info, check your mailbox. I also managed to design a postcard with all the details about the upcoming release of Brain in a Jar. 

Good night.



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