Signed, Sealed and Delivered


With absolute pure delight, I hereby announce that Brain in a Jar is a done deal. I submit the proof: The signed contract, and UPS verification that it is back in Kentucky.

This most-satisfying situation is making me long for 100-proof Kentucky Whiskey–which is exactly what I will get when I arrive in Frankfort myself in mid-November.

On Monday, the following verbiage will appear in Publisher’s Marketplace, which is the industry’s deal announcement page:

International journalist Nancy Stearns Bercaw’s BRAIN IN A JAR, about her maverick neurologist father’s lifelong battle against Alzheimer’s disease and the side effects of his obsession, to Larry W. Moore at Broadstone Books, in a nice deal, by Priya Doraswamy at Jacaranda Press, for publication April 2013.

What a journey this book–and my father’s life–have been. We arrived on October 5th in Kentucky (just 466 miles due west from the Bercaw farm in Palmyra, Virgina) after the following stops along the way: Philippines, India, Nepal, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa, Cambodia, Washington, D.C., South Korea, Thailand, Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Vermont, and Juniper Village as well as a prescient trip to Chicago by someone else entirely.

I spent a lot of my life looking everywhere for Beau–thought I’d understand him better if I went to the places he visited–but he was right here (she points to her heart) the whole time.



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