A Brain Gets New Legs & Readers Get Their Marching Orders


On this fine Friday, which marks the next leg (ha!) for Brain in a Jar, the Book, the blog has hit 15,001 all-time views.

But now it’s time to put our money where our eyeballs are. What? In this case, maybe I should say put our money where our brains are. Or where Beau’s brain was. Well, actually, where Beau’s father’s brain was.

I’m so excited that I don’t even know what I’m saying. So don’t put your money where my mouth is because there’s a foot in the way.

But here’s what I mean: All 15,001 of you are humbly invited to email broadstonemedia@aol.com to get your name on the mailing list for Brain in a Jar, the book. Soon you can read the whole story of a family running from the Alzheimer’s disease that runs in their family.



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