Comic Relief: Brain Schwag

Dear Gentle Readers,

I had a great idea this morning! Well, at least, I hope it’s a great idea.

I was thinking about how Hollywood comes out with film merchandise even before the film is released. They partner with Burger King or Pizza Hut or Lego to turn youthful masses into audiences.

Interestingly, though, very few studios create merchandise targeted for adult movies. When was the last time you had a chance to buy a Wes Anderson-flick coffee mug? Or an Altman-esque apron?

Furthermore, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a book come out with a merchandise tie-in. Thanks for reading, here’s an accompanying drink coaster for the stiff cocktail you’ll need to get through this tome!

So, voila! Before I release Brain in a Jar, the book, I’d like to introduce Brain in a Jar, the schwag. 

In addition to autographed brains in jars, there will be brain necklaces and t-shirts! And brain inaction figures or, in honor of brains atrophied by AD, we’ll call them disfigurines! Hey, what about a bobble-less head?

The idea is so wonderfully novel–especially for a memoir.

Are you buying it?



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