Alzheimer’s Doesn’t Change Everything!

Dear beta amyloid plaque and tau,

Ha! Thought you could take all of my father’s mind away? Well, he’ll show you, twisted tangles and sticky amino acids!

Yesterday, when Nora went to visit Beau, she showed him some recent pictures of my son David doing Aikido. At first, Beau thought David was Christopher (my brother’s son). But he got it sorted it out and proceeded to ask Nora the most quintessential Beau question of all time:

“Is he smart?”

“Very,” said Nora.


This is a conversation that could have taken place at any time in my dad’s life. He wanted us all to be smart, just like him. And once that was established, there wasn’t a lot more to say.

January 14, 2012—— Beau 1, Alzheimer’s 0.



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