The Diaper Project, My Pig Brain & Our Bercaw Fellowship

Dear Gentle Readers,

Three quick updates for you on this frigid Vermont day:

The funds from the Diaper Project are finally, after working out a few kinks,  on their way to Colombia to the help the poor families suffering from a rare mutation of the Alzheimer’s gene. See a preview of a new CNN Documentary, “Filling the Blank,” which highlights the importance of this family in the global rush to find a cure:

I asked Yakeel T. Quiroz, the American contact for Dr. Lopera, how we can continue to help. Here’s what he said, “Answering your question, we have received other small donations to help our AD families with diapers, wheelchairs, and most recently with beds. Unfortunately, these families are big families and usually have to take care of more than one patient at the same time. Anything we do really help them and makes a difference in their lives but there is still so much to do.”

So get ready for round 2 of fundraising. When I think of these families suffering even more by not having enough hygiene products, I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin. By the way, I find these black and white pictures by Todd Heisler for the New York Times to be among the most haunting and powerful images I have ever seen.

My friend Peg, who is in possession of the pig brain in a jar that I procured in Portland in November, has just returned from a month in South America. Not Colombia, but Argentina and Chile. As soon as she and her family get settled back at home, she will tell us how my tiny brain is faring and where’s she hidden it. The lingering question is: how will I ever get it to Vermont? It has too much formaldehyde to carry on a plane; and, it’s too fragile to ship. If you know anyone driving from West to East, ask them if they have room for a silent stowaway. If not, I’ve become adept at living with unanswered questions.

I am working with the University of Florida to begin preparing materials for the Dr. Beauregard Lee Bercaw Fellowship in Neurology. Once our documents are done, we’ll start calling potential major donors. I’m really excited to help a young doctor eager to follow in my father’s footsteps.

Uno. Dos. Tres. Love is grace.


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