Vacations with Aligators

Dear Gators,

Take a good, long, hard look at this man, Dr. Beauregard Lee Bercaw. Gator Man. You would not want to have a run in with him.

Oh, but you did, you say through your dozens of teeth?

Well, then, you must remember this: Beau won.

He took my brother Lee and me on several canoe trips past your jaws. On one of those occasions, we hit a group of you as dense as a log jam. Lee and I were frozen solid. Beau told us to sing, “Way Down the Suwanee River,” while he paddled by hitting you on your snouts.

A year ago, Beau hit a bend in the river that he couldn’t fight with such audacity. It robbed him of these memories. I might have been useless against you rascally gators way back when, but I’ve got Beau’s back on this one.


Alz Gal

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  1. Allan Nicholls says:

    You never know… he may be singing a song inside while all this is going on and waiting for the correct moment to pull out the paddle… possibly he is singing “Mind Games” although I think you told me he never much cared for the Beatles… but I can imagine he’ll have an appropriate tune while he waits out this thing… this mindless disease that is hurting too many…that is what I am counting on… Beau, an experienced hunter waiting to strike.

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