Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Treatment

Dear Dad,

Here is a communique to Bob Kerrey and me from Robert Egge, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy for the Alzheimer’s Association, on behalf of Mr. Gingrich:

Bob, Newt just let me know that he thinks the intro is fantastic and he’s pleased to be associated with it. He also thanked you, Nancy, for your kind note.

I made a few (what I believe are) very minor tweaks to a couple sentences to be in line with what Newt is saying about Alz in his other communications on the trail. Bob, if you prefer the way you had it, my sense is that Newt would be fine with your original version. All tweaks are found within these three sentences: “The bad news is that almost half who live to be age 85 will suffer from Alzheimer’s.  The taxpayer cost of the disease is already more than a hundred billion dollars each year.  The non-taxpayer cost to families is even greater.”

 Nancy, my thanks to you for what I’m sure will be an important contribution to raising awareness and stirring this country to action.

Dad, among other things, I sure am glad you taught me to write thank you letters! By the way, I had to put this picture in because it really captures your personality. Every life saved at Clark Air Force Base was a victory. The nurse and that attachment (urine? fluids?) were the trophy.

If/when Brain in a Jar gets published, I’m coming to Juniper to raise your arm as high as it will go.


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