Snickers Bars and Beauregards

Before every boating trip, Beau drives to the 7-11 at the last minute to get additional “provisions,” which is code for Snickers bars. Snickers bars are a very serious business in my father’s mind. They have peanuts for protein to “hold us over” in case we get lost at sea for a few days.

–Brain in a Jar

Dear Hayley,

We have begun our pilgrimage to see Beau in Florida, and we kicked it off in true Bercaw style: with Snickers bars. My dad never embarked on any journey without these “provisions,” as he called them. We plan to deliver one to him at Juniper Village in Naples when we arrive. Before then, we’re making stops in New Jersey, D.C., Virginia (hopefully to show David the old farm), North Carolina and Georgia.

We’re gonna need a lot of Snickers!



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  1. Allan says:

    I just want everyone to know that I shared my snickers with Nancy…it gave us both the energy and the attitude to continue to Maine with love and great anticipation (I bet snickers would never use that in an ad!)…we are looking forward to seeing Beau very soon and planning on bringing him all the new varieties of snickers for him to sample.

  2. DIANA RIXEY says:

    Oh noooo….they haven’t changed the original, SECRET formula for Snickers Bars, have they?! (I say forget about the new, improved varieties.)

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