Kitty Mouth

Dear Nancy,

I hope you are all having a wonderful, RELAXING visit to Montreal.

I am writing to share another funny “Dadism” I thought you’d get a kick out of: Mom & Dad & I took a trip to Oxnard today to watch Dad’s new pal “Rich” play softball.  Afterward we stopped to get a couple of fresh strawberry pies for my Grandparents before heading home.  The front of the restaurant had a huge sign that read “Fresh WHOLE pies…$7.99. ”

As we approached the building we saw in tiny print that it said, “except strawberry pies.” My Mother who never cusses decided to shock us all & upon seeing the small print on the sign, exclaimed “f@$-ers!”

My Dad looked at her stunned, then started laughing. i whispered in his ear “ask her if she kisses her kids with that mouth.” To which he replied “or the cat!”




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