Father Knows Best

Dear Hayley,

I know you are off making a movie somewhere, and just wanted to say that we are about to set sail as well. It would be an understatement to say that we move a lot, and some people don’t get it—-and a few don’t like it, for some reason. But we love our vagabond ways, and my father has always gotten a kick out of it, too. He never once said, “Gal, what are you doing?” Instead, he’d pat me on back and say, “Have fun!”

Beau hasn’t even seen the last two houses we’ve owned! When Nora told him that we were moving again, he just laughed. I know he respects adventure and risk taking. While other people may question my sanity, my dear father trusts that I know what I am doing and why. He always wanted me to see the world, and I want that for my child too.

Every day is a chance to make memories—-until the day comes when they start to be taken from you. Beau is with me. Wherever I go.



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