Beau Prevails at His Own Game

Dear Hayley,

Now this really cracked me up. A few days ago, some nurses came to Juniper to administer standard neurological tests to the Alzheimer’s patients. When Nora showed up to see Beau, one of the nurses came running. 

“Nora, you won’t believe how well Beau did on the test!”

“Really?” Nora said.

“Yes, he aced it,” the nurse said.

Nora laughed. The nurse looked at her strangely.

“Beau administered that same test every day for 30 years in his practice, so of course he aced it!” Nora explained.

“Oh, right,” said the nurse, and returned to her work.

Nora went into Beau’s room and said, “Heard you aced the exam.”

Beau grinned his big hyena smile and giggled. “Yup, sure did.”

And that’s how Beau beat Alzheimer’s 1-0 today!



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