A Worldly Nomad with a Thirst for More

I’ve received two beautiful reviews for DRYLAND over the last two days. I share them here in the hopes that they will inspire NYC folks to attend my reading on Monday, June 26, 7 p.m., at the Half King in Chelsea. When I take the stage or podium or microphone, I most certainly will be inspired to live up to these readers’ words as well as my own.

imagesI just finished Dryland – I read it in < 24 hours! I couldn’t put it down. So well written and captivating. I loved and related to many of Nancy’s expat stories and really felt the fear of the power of alcohol over her life. Nancy has an incredible gift with remembering details, storytelling, and raw honesty. I cried – sitting right here on the beach! And of course I laughed too. So many well described characters from her globe trotting life. It was a great book and will stay with me for a long time.

images-1A stunning look into the mind of a worldly nomad with a thirst for “more.” How wonderful it was to read and vicariously live through the amazing adventures that Nancy experienced, while also battling demons that are common and relatable on so many levels. This book is a must-read for those who are struggling with addiction and/or sobriety, as well as for those who want a peek into places and cultures that they would otherwise not discover. An absolutely enthralling read!

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