Rubber Ducky, You’re the “Won”

Today I had the most fun since the last time I had fun — which was yesterday afternoon when I bought a new pillow at Pier 1. I’ve actually been having a lot of fun lately in the most random settings.

This morning’s glory appeared in the form of a kid-parent swim meet, which David’s coaches had organized for us. Team families simply had to  show up at UVM’s pool and race each other.

Even though the meet was low-pressure and low-tech — prizes would be rubber duckies and no times would be recorded — Ibrought my A game to the pool, as well as my JMU coaching parka. There wasn’t going to be any kidding around for this mommy!

First up, I raced David and a couple other parent/child duos in the 25-yard freestyle. BUT I DIDN’T TOUCH THE WALL FIRST. I shook it off as I toweled off. Even though someone else’s kid had beaten me by  second,  no parent had passed me.

A few minutes later, I raced in the 25-yard backstroke AND GOT ANOTHER SECOND PLACE FINISH! Same boy beat me again. Of course he was 14 and I’m 49.  I can’t compete against a Phelps in the making

I watched David swim a race against other less freaky (and less speedy) moms as I mentally prepared for the final event.

The 25-yard breaststroke. There was a time, in the ’70s and ’80s, when I was the fastest female breaststroker in the state of Florida. I really wanted the be the best in Burlington today. Take home a rubber ducky come hell or high water.

My competition? David and Allan — along with three other people who I think comprised a family too. But I was willing the throw both clans under the bus for a victory.  No one beats Bercaw at breaststroke! And especially not a Nicholls! (Allan told me the last time he raced was 55 years earlier.)

Boom. The race was over in less than 20 seconds, at least for me.

And, voila! I had a ducky to call my own.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Al says:

    As the 2nd place finisher I must admit she is fast! She is a competitor! To hell with family at a time like this…she wanted the win!
    As her husband and father of the other swimmer I will have to admit we were beaten fair and square and oh yeah…one more thing… I never knew the starting block was so high!

  2. Phyllis Jones says:

    I hope that Rubber Ducky will fit on the shelf with all your other trophies.

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