The Sixth-Month Mark (ings)

Dears, images

We’re teetering on our sixth month anniversary in Abu Dhabi. I’ve owned homes for briefer periods of time. I’ve had long-term boyfriends in shorter timeframes. I have stayed less long in countries I have loved more.

The other day, I told Allan that I needed to take a trip because I was sick and tired of being at home all the time. He reminded me that we ARE SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF A TRIP.IMG_4818

I guess I’m feeling rather at home on this now-routine adventure in Abu Dhabi. Today, after a traditional Lebanese breakfast,  we drove out to Emirates Zoo. The landscape — Arabian Sea and desert sands — were of no surprise. Our fellow zoo-goers — dressed in white Kandoras and black Abayas — seemed no different from me.

The only sight for sore eyes were a zebra’s surprisingly even teeth. Those things looked filed down!

Anyway, there’s something to be said about feeling at home in the most unlikely of places. Perhaps that zebra and I are kindred spirits. Both in locales not meant for us, but pleasantly munching away on the experience. That zebra with a winning smile, how10987699_10153008649281223_1162133261126253465_never, doesn’t have the luxury of ever going home again. But one day, I will look back on Abu Dhabi with longing. I’ll remember all of things I’ve already forgotten about this unusual place.

David says he often forgets that we aren’t in Vermont, despite all evidence to the contrary just outside our windows. Besides, ABU DHABI IS THE OPPOSITE OF VERMONT. No resemblance whatsoever. There is a camel, however, at a farm on Route 7. Perhaps we’ll visit him back in the Americas when we are homesick for the Emirates.

I think friends and family in the USA would be surprised how easily Allan, David and I function in the UAE. I think it surprises us sometimes. But mostly, we just go about our business.IMG_1742_2

So what is there to be said about feeling at home in the most unlikely of places?

These six months have led me to believe that there is hope for the human race. If my very pink, very North American family can build a life in the Middle East, then maybe you could too.




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