A Job With Perks


I am, as of today, the content coordinator for Khalifa University.  What does a content coordinator do, you may ask. I sure did.

Turns out that I am in charge of the information on the website — and wherever else information about KU might appear. I share this large task and a big space with a very savvy communications team.

When I walked into said space at 9 a.m., though, I felt like a fish out of water. As you know, I am tall. And blonde. And tattooed. And very American. Plus, I’m a mermaid, which is awkward in any and every circumstance.

So this big, yellow-haired, half-fish, half-woman thing lands in a fairly small pond of (mostly) traditionally dressed Emerati people. Thank goodness I’d made the early morning decision to wear a long-sleeve, knee-length dress over a pair of long pants. Yes, I wore trousers and a dress at the same time. Covered from ankle to wrist.

20141102_142407I was glad, yet again, for my conservative choice when I took a leisurely stroll across campus. The Emerati students, not surprisingly, are traditionally dressed too. They are clearly a smart bunch of collegians, both in dress and in scholarship.  We exchanged smiles and greetings. I felt very welcomed in spite of my difference.

I was elated to discover a number of cozy hangout areas on the campus — one of them in the traditional Bedouin style. I may take up napping there in my pant-dress outfits after lunch time. My tour also revealed that I can get a tuna sandwich at the Subway restaurant on campus! Seriously, this best of both worlds: cushions and comfort food. I am, most assuredly, very content with my surroundings.

But perhaps the best perk of my position is the ENDLESS supply of coffee delivered right to my desk. A kind young man has the job of bringing coffee and/or tea to the External Relations staff every two hours. WHO NEEDS A NAP? I CAN COORDINATE CONTENT ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT IN MY PANT DRESS! I AM SUPERMANWOMANFISH. HEAR ME ROAR.

In the midst of editing a brochure, I realized that NO ONE HAD MENTIONED THE EXISTENCE OF A PLACE WHERE THE CONTENT COORDINATOR could keep from being INCONTINENT. I quietly asked the other North American on staff — she’s from Cape Breton — for directions to the loo.


I can’t wait for number two — AS IN DAY TWO!!!








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