Random Facts & Fotos


Factoid One: I take four cab rides each day. Actually, it was 5 today because the first cab got a punctured tire, so we had to hail another during the morning rush.

Factoid Two: We have found an apartment and are moving in on Sept. 15. The place is on Reem Island, which is  only a five minute cab ride from where we are now.  Views of the sand, city and sea from the master bedroom. Allan asked the agent about the amount of dirt on the windows. Could they be cleaned? The guy looked at Allan and said, “this is the desert.”

Factoid Three: The Grocery Store is a garden of a delights. David and I spent a long time shopping today and took pictures of the things that made us happy. I made pasta tonight and spilled the pasta over the entire kitchen because I didn’t have a colander. Squid bopis, anyone?

Factoid four: I got the job with Khalfi University as the Content Coordinator for the website and institutional publications. I start in a few weeks.

Factoid Four: A student at David’s school brought a chicken in a box to campus in honor of the kid who got chicken pox.

Now for the fotos…



Khalifa University, where I shall soon work.
Khalifa University, where I shall soon work.
Beautiful Tang display.
Beautiful Tang display.
David going fishing.
David going fishing.
Not buying it.
Not buying it.
The sauce I like.
The kind of sauce I like, being a Filipino.
This is our building, called Mangroves Place.
This is our building (left) called Mangroves Place. This picture makes it look way more glamourous than it is.

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