The Finest Man in Raleigh


During my delightful visit with Sister Kathy, I made another important discovery. My sister, who is a nurse and the most down-to-earth, practical, middle-class person (albeit a former stunt woman in Hollywood), has a driver. Kathy is a creative thinker, too, as is evidenced by this brilliant solution to a logistical problem.

Kathy has a car and drives it. Her husband Paul has a car and drives it. So why does she need a driver?

Because her two daughters do not have buses that take them to school, and they are now in separate schools. These girls are also super athletes with soccer practice here and there and everywhere in rural Wake Forest.

Meanwhile, their parents are working long hours. Hence, a driver–for the girls!


Kathy found Bruce, who operates his own business with his sweet Cadillac SUV with leather seats. He does the opposite of what other drivers do (club circuit downtown) and makes a good portion of his income helping moms and dads get their kids to and fro.

He’s licensed, bonded and insured. He’s dressed sharp as a tack, too, in a three-piece suit, gold earrings. He plays cool jazz on his top-notch car radio. He’s mindful of the air temp, as well as the stereo volume. His voice is warm and gentle. His grin the size of my father’s.

How do I know all this? Because Bruce drove David and me to the airport this morning!

Bruce is the picture of grace. He’s always early. He’d never keep a client waiting. And his clients include movie stars who come to Raleigh for work. But the work he likes best is getting his youngest clients to school and sports efficiently, affordably, elegantly and SAFELY!

If the weather looks bad on the soccer field, he sticks around just in case the game gets cancelled, so he can take the girls back home.

I’ve never been in a car with a safer driver, ever. And I’m delighted that Bruce is helping my sister.

I hugged him goodbye and told him how I appreciate him looking out for my nieces.

“They are my family, Nancy.”

He’s part of mine now too.



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  1. Allan says:

    You will appreciate Bruce so much more when you get to Abu Dhabi!

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