Jogging Memories


My energy for blogging has been low lately. I’ve wondered why because there’s been a lot of recent news about increased research, funding and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. There’s probably some commentary I could offer about these developments, right?


The bad news is that the good news isn’t good enough.

My friend Hayley continues to take care of her dad during his steady decline. My new friend Karel is in the beginning stages of the disease, and his wife is holding onto every second of his waning memories. (This picture is of Karel and his wife Cynthia, on the left, and the Director of Vermont Alzheimer’s Association Martha Richardson on the right.)

Alzheimer’s marches on. Fighting it has made me tired. Watching other people fight it makes me despair. Writing and talking about AD for so long has left me confused. My book tour is now a blur. If you asked me about the trip, I probably couldn’t tell you much.

The best piece of writing I’ve seen recently about the current state of Alzheimer’s Disease was in the June 24 issue of The New Yorker. Interestingly, too, the article was full of details about AD that I had learned from my father before he got sick. My dad really was a maverick in terms of this disease. He knew things before they were known. Then he forgot them.

Click here for that article.

I guess the question I’m asking myself these days is what more can I say? Have I made my full and complete contribution to the new pantheon of dementia-related stories? Are the complete contents of my mind documented in Brain in a Jar?

Am I done?

I think I’m just clearing my head now. Making room for more thoughts and words. When they come, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, don’t ask me any questions. I have no answers. And sadly, neither do the researchers, doctors or pharmaceutical companies.



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