Book Ends & Begins Again



In all the madness of Brain in a Jar being published and traveling the East Coast, I forgot (not an Alzheimer’s related slip) to tell you that the book has been nominated for a National Book Award!

The day Brain in a Jar came off the presses, Broadstone Books immediately filed the paperwork. It’s so nice to have a publisher that believes in Brain with his whole heart. (And now I have an Indian publisher who clearly feels the same!)

In many ways, though, I feel like BIAJ has already won. The reactions and responses have been rewarding. I have found, through speaking at memory golden_brain_awardscare centers as well as bookstores and bars, that people really want to talk about how Alzheimer’s disease is affecting their family. Brain in a Jar opens the door to that discussion.

When I start my talk, I tell audiences that it’s okay to laugh with me. Because if we don’t find the humor in difficult situations we will all lose our minds. I also remind my audiences that the flip side of fear is courage.  To which I add that because of my father, and because of Alzheimer’s Disease, I am not afraid of anything.

Triumph over adversity. Isn’t that the real meaning of victory? Well, that’s the message I want Brain to send hearts, souls and minds everywhere.



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