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  1. DD Schwartz says:

    My Mom has alzheimers. I am 59. I have been having some symptoms- not typical of getting older- like putting things in the totally wrong place (papers in the freezer), etc. I am pretty sure I will have Alzheimers. This has been happening for a couple years- I got checked out and passed all the tests. But when one of these incidents happen, I am reminded that this is my future. What to do? Well, my heart is not broken. There is not a lot I can do about it. It definitely upsets me- a lot- but it seems right now very far off. I also have a lot of faith in science and research so there is hope. It is freaky, though. It makes me mad- My Dad was sharp as ever until the day he passed away at 87. So I believe I inherited the wrong genes in the family. Darn. Anyway, I think it gives me impetus to enjoy my life. So I will try. I am single so it is depressing even more- no kids, no caretakers around. Anybody else in this boat? I guess it is possible I’m incorrect- but I sort of thing there are some things one really knows…

  2. steve says:

    Can’t wait to read the book, loved your article in today’s NYT. I’m in BTV, see you at the Phoenix!

  3. Karen Fuller says:

    I feel your pain.
    My maternal grandmother &father had Alzheimer’s, as did their oldest daughter. Now my mom is showing early signs. At 53 I have those crazy moves happen to me like going to can milk in my veg soup. When I catch myself, I quietly refrain and hope no one saw me. I can recall names of people when I referencing them in conversation, even though I clearly see their faces in my mind. I worry that I have a predisposition due to my family as well as the fact that I read that people who suffer from depression are at increased risk. I try to stay focused and active doing things daily that keep me calm, focused on TODAY and happy. Even sharing this reply maked me realized I am not alone. My motto is to Live Fuller moments Now.
    Peace to you karenf

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