A New Brain for Beau


I was thinking of my father today, as I do most days, and I found myself at the American Academy of Neurology website. The organization, in a brilliant move, offers brains for $5. Okay, not a real brain. And not a brain in a jar. Instead, a virtual brain.

So I bought one! And here it is.  Voila. You gotta admit that it’s one of the best-looking brains in the bunch. Beau’s brain is a pleasant yellow with a white glow around it. Well, it only glows when I click on it! Just like it did in real life! Not really.

You can also search for a brain by putting the last name into the search area. When I did it this way, Beau’s red-hot brain stands alone—as it really did in real life.


Ole Buzzard Tail

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