Tastes Like Butter


Newsflash: Don’t eat foods that taste buttery but aren’t actually made with butter.

Why? According to a brand new report (click here to see it), the “flavorant” called diacetyl causes brain proteins to misfold into beta amyloid plaque–which is the sticky stuff that causes Alzheimer’s disease. Diacetyl is found in microwaved buttered popcorn, margarine, and even some Chardonnay. (Triple damn on the latter.)

My dad knew this on some molecular level. Fifteen years ago, before any research supported his thinking, Beau was telling me not to eat margarine or anything that tasted “like” butter. Better, he said, to eat butter itself than something chemically created to mimic the flavor. He also advised that we drink nothing with bubbles, i.e. no soft drinks. Champagne was authorized, though. At least a few sips. Red wine was the preferred beverage because of its inherent antioxidants.

How did my father have this kind of foresight? I think it was part science and part common sense. He knew that processed food didn’t make any sense to our systems and could lead to chemical imbalances in our bodies.

Yet, despite not eating “butter flavored” anything, and sipping only red wine, and eating more veggies than anything and taking 72 supplements a day, and exercising, and doing puzzles, and and and and and and and and and and and and ad infinitum…

…Beau still got Alzheimer’s’ disease.

Pour me a Chardonnay, please.



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