In Praise of Napping

Dear Sleepyheads,

Not only was my father Gator Man, but he also was King of the Nap. Beau could nap anywhere anytime. Even sometimes while driving a car–which terrified the heck out of us kids, and got us driving at a very early age. In fact, I drove long portions of trips to Virginia when I was only 15. When Beau needed a nap, we needed to step up to the plate.

Beau also took a half hour after lunch every day in his neurology office to nap. He’d close his eyes and lean back in his chair and wake up exactly 20 minutes later.  It was sacred time and all his staff knew not to interrupt him. Because Beau without a nap was Grouchy Man.

I inherited my father’s ability to nap. And the pull to sleep in the middle of the day gets stronger as I get older. But I find it refreshing and healing. It’s also very good for your head. For 20 minutes I’m not thinking about Alzheimer’s or death or my career or what I will write next or where I want to travel or, or, or, or. I’m just sleeping like my ole dad did.



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  1. Allan says:

    What about that great story one of his colleagues told at his memorial about Beau’s response to a young woman’s suggestion after he woke up from his nap?

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