Look Who’s Reading Now

Dear Readers,

You span the globe. Thousands in the United States. Hundreds in Singapore and Canada. Lots in Israel and the UK and India. Many in my birth country of the Philippines! Smatterings across South America and Asia and Australia and Africa.


Stick with me friends. Because my father’s memory is re-energizing me for more. Like the subhead says, Brain in a Jar is a mission.

I don’t know exactly what the mission is yet, but I’m getting there.  What I do know is that it has a something to do with Beau, Alzheimer’s and all of you.



One Comment Add yours

  1. I’m guessing your mission is to support caregivers. You might do this by writing humor such as absent-minded professor anecdotes and light-hearted observations about patients like that their old friends are new everyday. When your readers connect with this, they might be inspired to submit their own quirky tales. In the end the readers will have a venue to rise above the disease.

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