Oops, I Did It Again

Dear Memory Preservers,

I had a very good and long laugh at myself this morning. The kind of laugh that nearly turned into hysterics.

As you know (although new readers may not), my father Beau became a neurologist after watching his father’s demise from Alzheimer’s disease.  Beau then kept his father’s brain in a jar on his office desk, as a reminder of what he was fighting in his patients as well as in himself.

I swore that I’d never keep my father’s brain in a jar, even though I thought about it a few times. Maybe set it free in the South Seas. But no, I decided. I would end our obsession with Alzheimer’s by not repeating this morbid preservation method.

Yet I’ve managed to do it. Repeat history. Inadvertently yet  inexorably.

I’ve put my father’s brain in a jar by writing a book about him called, “Brain in a Jar.”  The contents of his mind preserved on pages instead of in formaldehyde.

Calling Dr. Freud.



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