The Story is Spreading

Dear Readers,

Your numbers are growing.

Brain in a Jar is very close to having 10,000 hits–with followers from Canada to Cambodia; India to Singapore; and, the United States to the United Kingdom.

But yesterday one single person, sitting on a couch right next to me, revealed just how much of an impact my father’s story is having on folks everywhere.

I was watching David’s Aikido class with the latest copy of the manuscript in my lap—just in case I felt like editing it for the 10,000th time.

Anyway, one of the other moms glanced over it.

“Brain in a Jar?” she said. “I’ve heard of that.”

I looked perplexed.

“Yea, that story of the neurologist who got Alzheimer’s. I think I heard about it on National Public Radio. My God, what a story!”

I beamed.

She went on a bit more about where she’d heard the tale. Was it NPR? She couldn’t quite recall.

“That’s my dad, “I said. “I wrote this story.”

“I can’t wait to read it. Is it coming out soon? It’s going to speak to a lot of people.”

I told her that Agent Priya is working on making the manuscript a published reality.

For the first time in four weeks, I felt that not all had been lost. Beau’s story lives on, even if he doesn’t. The neurologist who got Alzheimer’s disease is unforgettable, even if you can’t remember where you heard it.



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  1. Allan says:

    That’s what I’m talking’ about!
    You go girl!

  2. Ted Langley says:

    Reply by Ted Langley, May 18, 2012. Beau was my classmate and friend at the University of Virginia from 1956 – 60. He was such a fine man. I can still see him smiling as I write this, tall and lanky and full of fun. He introduced me to my wife – what a blessing that was!
    He so much wanted to help people, and indeed he did, as a neurologist and as a person.
    The person of Beau Bercaw …. he leaves a marvelous legacy as Beau Bercaw, the doctor and as Beau Bercaw, the person. We shall all miss him greatly and go on with our lives which have been greatly elevated in quality because Beau was part of us. Yes, Beau certainly was “beau” as in “a beautiful person” and the world has become a little bit better because of this “beau” man. Your work as a doctor lives on in the people you helped, Beau, and your smile lives on in those of us who knew you as a person. You have greatly enhanced the quality of our lives. Thank you, so much, Beau, for being you. Amen.

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