The Beauregard Lee Bercaw Fellowship in Neurology

How to give in memory of Beau. Click here. With deep gratitude, his Gal.

Dr. Beauregard Bercaw Fellowship  (018025)

College of Medicine – Gainesville

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

The Bercaw Fellowship will allow promising young neurologists to be trained in Alzheimer’s and other dementia related conditions. No fate can be more terrible for a person and their family than to lose their ability to remember, recognize, feel, and communicate. The best means of defeating these diseases is making sure we have physicians and researchers going into this field with all the necessary expertise and training required. The Fellowship will honor Dr. Bercaw’s contributions to medicine while funding someone willing to take up his battle with Alzheimer’s. By donating, you help train the next generation of fearless indefatigable neurologists — the kind you’d want by your side if the battle against AD becomes your own. The University of Florida and Beau’s family requests your consideration to ensure that Dr. Bercaw is more than a memory.

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  1. Kelly Dineen says:

    Beau was all those things shared so eloquently by Nancy. For me he was the uncle I didn’t have and my father’s best friend. The “Beau and Joe show” we called them. Tall and thin, short and round, a comic duo prone to giggling together, long walks, metaphors and always deep conversation. They considered themselves brothers, shared a world view, a love of learning, and the joy of any number of quests they undertook together. I remember calling Uncle Beau in the hopes that he wold speak to my father about the folly of his stitching up his own hand with thread. He came over, saw my dad’s work, and said “good job”. Always had each others backs. I thank Beau for loving my dad, adoring him really, for all the laughter and silliness they shared, something my dad sorely needed. Uncle Beau you will be missed and always in our hearts. Love you. Kelly

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