The Dr. Beauregard Bercaw Fellowship in Neurology is Open for Buisness

Dear Alzheimer’s disease,

There’s a new weapon in town ready to take up arms against you. You ain’t done with Beau Bercaw yet, nor will you ever be. His name will continue to be your worst enemy thanks to the combined efforts of the University of Florida and Beau’s family.

Nora and I are pleased to announced the creation of the Dr. Beauregard Bercaw Fellowship in Neurology.  Dr. Michael Lusk, Beau’s former colleague and forever friend, got the ball rolling with his donation last month.What I love about Dr. Lusk is that he didn’t seem to find it odd that I came to his office asking for money while toting an antique shock therapy device. He knows that I am Beau’s daughter after all.

We also offer our deep gratitude to Dr. Ken Heilman, professor of neurology at UF (and UVA Medical School chum with Beau) as well as Stephen Figueroa, development director for UF’s College of Medicine. These fine gentlemen approached us with the idea for the Fellowship, which has given me something other than despair into which I could sink my teeth.

Get ready, AD. We’re gonna fund a young gun to come after you.

And to everyone we know and love, Nora and I invite you to make sure that Dr. Beauregard Bercaw is more than a memory.

Donations made out to the “UF Foundation” with “Bercaw Fellowship” on the memo line can be sent to:

Stephen Figueroa, UF College of Medicine
PO Box 100243
Gainesville, FL  32610
(352) 273-5882




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