Colombian Alzheimer’s Families Travel to Arizona/The Linen Project Commences

Dear Us,

Some of the heirs to their Colombian families’ rare mutation of the Alzheimer’s gene recently traveled to the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix for neuro-imaging——-the first step in brand new clinical trials for more promising treatments in the war against this insidious disease.

Channel Four News of England tells the story in this short film, as well as in a news feature. Please watch and/or read.

I have been in contact with Dr. Reiman of the Banner Institute, as well as Dr. Lopera in Colombia,  asking what else can be done for these families who are taking care of each other under very difficult conditions and with little caregiver support. As you know, we raised $2,000 for adult diapers in the fall. Now, I’m embarking on a way to get sheets to Colombia. They need bed linens as much as diapers. Here is Dr. Lopera’s response about their needs:

“Las familias necesitan de todo eso. Incluso ropas de segunda son ùtiles. Nosotros de hecho recogemos mucha ropa de segunda para llevar a las veredas y ellos gozan mucho con todo eso.” ( The families need all of these things.  Even second hand clothing is useful.  In fact, we collect second hand clothing to bring to the streets, which is greatly enjoyed.)

When I think of the suffering these families endure, I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. That’s because I see each victim of Alzheimer’s as my own father. What if he didn’t have new diapers or sheets? Thank goodness Juniper takes good care of him, and his wife Nora makes sure he gets the best of everything.

Will you join me in helping make life better for the Colombian families? I’m not asking for money. Instead, I want your best used linens, which I send to Arizona and Dr. Reiman will ship them to Colombia. We’ll get to the clothing in Phase III.

In my father’s name,


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  1. MOM says:

    I have a box of sheets ready. Can I send them directly to Dr. Reiman in Arizona?

  2. nancybercaw says:

    Thanks Mom! I’m waiting to hear back from Eric about the best plan. So hang tight!

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