Colliding Worlds

Dear Dr. Lopera and Dr. Reiman,

I consider it an honor to be of service, especially since my father, Dr. Beauregard Lee Bercaw, spent his entire career as a neurologist fighting Alzheimer’s disease only to succumb to it himself–as did his father before him. The Bercaws have this in common with the brave, long-suffering families of Yarumal.

This is my father’s story:

I also have written a book about my father called, “Brain in a Jar,” because he kept his father’s atrophied brain in a jar at his office. My agent is trying to find a publisher now.

When I was 35, my father demanded that I take the ApoE test. I am a 3, as is he. But yet he has it. Bercaws are an enigma.

Dr. Reiman blew my mind with the work each of you are doing, and I left his office thinking that I had to do something, too. Since then, I have been working to raise funds for adult diapers for these families. Just today, we hit the $1500 mark. Comfort and dignity were my father’s mantras as he assisted his own patients. And this is our mantra for him.

Dr. Lopera, I am delighted to present these funds to your cause. Let me know the best way to provide the monies to you with the help of Dr. Reiman. If we utilize the non-profit angle, then I will not have to pay tax which means more money for incontinent patients. Whatever you think is best, I will do. These funds are for your families with love from mine.

With the highest regards y gran respeto,


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